Tokyo Hot n1235 Shaking Big Boobs Cosplayer Over Work

Tokyo Hot n1235 Shaking Big Boobs Cosplayer Over Work

Release on 06 May 2017
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  • Saya Fujii is an Idol-ish girl. She has come and joined to photo event for her fan. But unfortunately they come and joined event for fuck her actually. Her cute smile has faded away and she has changed to be a sex doll for devil guys. Sayas fan has come with camera to take photo her to the event. While they waiting her, she comes down from up stare and took lots of camera flash. She has taking a pose for fan’s order. After taking photo shoot, one of guys comes up to her and he order to her more erotic pose to shoot. He takes a photo and touches her body as well. But if she say “No” his fill more exiting. He lick and finger fuck her pussy over her panty. And takes photo her pussy as well. He has cut her panty off by scissors to show her cute pussy. He keep continue finger fuck her pussy and clitorises. After that another more guys come and joined. He put Whipped cream onto her pussy and lick it all. Another more guy also joined it again. He has put Whipped cream onto his cock and she has to blow job his cock to deep throat. She needs stop it but they couldn’t listen her needs. She has to takes a pose as open legs pose and guys gives stimulus her pussy and clitorises by brush. And they put rotor onto her clitorises and nipples. Guys push three rotor into her pussy and vibrator as well. Then next, she has to takes a pose as doggy style and guys push vibrator into her pussy and put electric massage machine onto hr clitorises at the same time.

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